Welcome to Collect4You

Do you know that ?

  • 30% of the Belgian companies fear to be at risk when one of their top customers go bankrupt?
  • while editing 88 invoices 1 remains unpaid?
  • 36,26% of the invoices are not paid in time
  • Late payment, bad debt and depreciations are a real danger for any company! It prevents companies to grow and develop their business.
    By delivering high quality services and solutions Collect4You improves the financial performance of its customers
    How? Focus on early collections and a sustainable relationship with your customers!
    We are convinced that you don’t need an external and expensive debt collection agency tot bring down your outstanding debts. Internal focus can solve many problems and it will help you to build a stronger customer relation!
    We at Collect4You are strong in advising customers to set up the most performing debt collection process, helping our customers to reminder their clients to pay their invoices in time and finally grow businesses due to accelerated cash-in.

    They trust us